Meet our Panelists – Dr Holly Powley

Dr Holly Powley, Lecturer in Law, University of Bristol

Holly’s primary research interests lie in banking law and banking regulation, with a focus on the structure and operation of banking regulation authorities.

Holly holds an LLM in Commercial Law (Bristol), and completed her PhD in June 2016 (Bristol), entitled ‘Reforming the Structure of Banking Regulation in the United Kingdom: Strengthening the Framework to Guard Against Communication Failures’. This project focused on the impact of groupthink on the decision-making processes of banking regulators, assessing the existence of groupthink at the Bank of England during the BCCI and Barings Bank debacles, at the Financial Services Authority and the Bank of England during the financial crisis of 2007-2009 and the potential for groupthink to affect the operation of the Bank of England and the Prudential Regulation Authority in light of the reforms introduced following the financial crisis.

Holly’s current research continues on this theme, assessing the potential impact of behavioural biases on the decision-making processes and communication of information within bank regulators, however Holly is also undertaking work on broader issues relating to developments in the banking regulatory field, with a focus on the growing importance of ‘culture’ within both the regulator and the regulated institutions.